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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Been a while

Well I kinda stopped updating the blog last year. Got busy riding and working mandatory overtime at work. Had a great year last year. Now hoping for an even better on this year!

As of March 13 2012 my beloved Kawasaki 900 that served me well is no longer in my stable. I bought a 2012 Victory Cross Country Tour. Here she is when I got home from the dealer.


Today is day 9 of ownership and I already have over 1100 miles on her. I can't believe how well this monster of a bike handles the corners! The storage is beyond belief! They advertise 41 gallons of space.

While I was at the bike show this past winter I feel in love with this bike. I asked the factory rep about gas mileage and he said upper 40's. I didn't believe that for a minute. This beast has a 106 cu in engine. That's a little over 1700CC's. Well he wasn't far off. I am getting low 40's with everyday riding. That's where my 900 was.

Now for some of the negatives about the bike. The handle bars are too far away. I will have to buy the 2 inch pull back bars next week. Can't keep my hand from falling asleep. The cruise control helps a ton with that though.

The seat is nice, but it's not a Mustang. I am not quite as comfortable on the stock seat that I was on the Mustang. I am sure part of it is the missing backrest that I have had for the last 5 plus years. I did get to test ride a Vision and its seat seemed better than the CCT seat. Not sure if they're interchangeable or not.

The bike is air and oil cooled. Never had a bike without a radiator. So far the heat isn't too bad. Its been in the 80's this week so I have actually gotten to see what this summer may hold for us. In traffic not moving your inner thighs are gonna get hot. But so far moving down the road it doesn't seem any worse than my 900.

If you keep the vents open its not bad. But if you're out on a cool morning close the lower vents and it will help your feet stay warm! That is a nice plus.

You have to look through the windshield. I don't like that one bit. Its ok during the day, but in the early morning when it can fog up you're blind. I can sit on the bike seat and just reach the bars and look over it. Still not the best way to ride. So a shorter shield is a must.

I bought some accessories too at time of purchase. You can see the passenger arm rests in the picture. I bought the reverse gear too for those inclines you sometimes get stuck on. Not shown, thanks to back order, is a trunk rack. Can never have too much storage space. Also got the hard bag protectors. Finally a heal shifter. Can't believe it doesn't come with that. It's a little too small but I am adjusting.

I think that will do it for this post until I can get out and ride some more and not forget the camera next

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