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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 2011 Riding Season is here!

Here is it March first finally and now my bike insurance is turned on so I can ride any day now that the weather cooperates. Still need to put a few covers and things back on the bike from a few winter projects.

I didn't do much this year. Mainly sold off my Zumo 550 and bought the Zumo 665. Had to run new wiring for it.

The only maintenance I did over the winter was change the oil.

I'll be starting this year with 49210 on the odometer. If Mother Nature is nice to me I should see 50000 before the end of March.

Me and the kid have a huge westwardly trip planned this year. We won't stop until we see the Pacific Ocean. Spend the better part of the day riding down the coast. We'll mainly be staying north in the states and see a lot of the Rockies. Make a stop for a couple days in Red Lodge Montana for the BTK gathering. Counting Ohio we should hit 20 states on this trip. We should get close to 7k miles on this one trip. Almost three times what we did last year!

As for mileage goals. I would like to see 65K on the clock before the season is over. Shouldn't be too hard if I get to do the big west vacation this year.

Now just waiting for the first ride of the year!

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