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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Babcock State Park Revisited

For those of you that actually read my ramblings, if you remember from the last post on Babcock I said I might need to return in the fall. Well I managed to make it! It was cold for a while but as usual with West Virginia trips any discomfort is more than worth it!!

I started off at 5am and 38 degrees in Ashland. Not bad really. I was all bundled up in all my gear, heavy wool socks, and my grip heaters maxed out! I was pretty comfortable for the most part. My feet did suffer the worst. Managed to get pretty numb on me.

I got down by the Ohio river in Marietta and it was very foggy! With the cold air and nice warm river it was almost like riding in the rain! But shortly after I turned on 16 south in Wv the skys started to clear.

I am not sure but somehow I missed the school buses too.

Cruising down 16 I did have the misfortune to get behind people that just wanted to creep down the road. Kinda hard to enjoy the scenery and twisties when you're on the brakes all the time. So I decide to pull off on the side of the road where there happened to be a small area to park. It was real pretty with the sun coming up over the trees. Can't say the pictures turned out due to the lighting conditions. But then I noticed a brown spot way down the field. It was a deer! I used the zoom lens and got a good picture of the little fork horn. Then I started looking around. I could see his tracks in the fresh dew. This is very recent! I didn't notice any arrows or mangling from a car impact so I am not sure what got him. I am just glad it wasn't me and the bike!


Speaking of deer. I had to brake for three of them not long after that shot. I did manage to snap a pic of them as I creeped by. Look how well they blend in. The deer down here are sure ugly compared to the Ohio deer. They have a blotchy coat compared to the nice smooth brown of the Ohio deer. But I bet they'll mess your day up just as fast as the Ohio deer if you hit one on the bike!


As I rode past a little church I noticed it had a thermometer on it. Its now down to 32 degrees and its almost 9am now. A little later I had to stop and get some coffee in me and get the feet thawed out.

I probably shouldn't put this in here, but the lady behind the counter had the most beautiful bright blue eyes!! And a rock on her finger bigger than my house. LOL Anyways lets get back on track shall we?

I followed 16 into Gauley Bridge where I usually stop for gas and lunch. Today was no different. Had a nice break and ate in this wonderful scenery. The temperature was really becoming perfect now. It had to be in the mid 50's!


With lunch ate and the thought of 60 thru Hawks Nest I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning! For once I made it thru all those twisties without a hold up! Man this is living!! I didn't stop at Hawks Nest for pictures like usual. I just wanted to get down to Babcock.

Made it to Babcock about noon. The place was pretty full on a Wednesday afternoon I thought.

I rode up a road I hadn't explored last time there and found Boley Lake. Man were the red in the trees pretty! It was only spoiled by a couple on one of the benches talking very loudly. The picture doesn't do it justice!


Then I headed back down for more pictures and a video of the Mill and River.


Now its time to start heading home. I decide to stop by the Summersville Lake and Dam this time though. I didn't do it last time I was down this way. I can't get over how low the water is, but look at the color!!


Heading up 19 to I79 I stopped at the same pull off I had lunch at last time I was here. Just took a pic of it from a different angle.


I stayed on the interstates the rest of the way home. I made the trip in about 14 hours and get this. The mileage was 666.2 for all you superstitious people. LOL I got a good chuckle out of it.

Less than 1000 miles to go now to hit 50,000 on the bike! Can he do it? Tune in next week...

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