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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 sure looked better outside than day 1 did. At least there is sun shine in the forecast. There is a down side. High wind. Makes for a challenging ride.

My day started out with a can of Honda Polish and a couple rags to make the bike presentable after the rain yesterday. We had a nice breakfast at the Motel before we left today. Told the kid to pig out. LOL

Today we are heading for the PA Grand Canyon. Thought about stopping yesterday on the way by but decided to wait. And I am glad we did. The hiking can really burn some calories. LOL

We had to back track some over the ground we covered yesterday. That's ok because its beautiful! We took I86 to 15S to 287S. Then we got to take a new road. We took 362 to then just followed the signs to the PA Grand Canyon.

Cruising up 15 yesterday we passed a Veterans Memorial but I didn't see it until it was too late and I didn't want to turn around. So today we were going right by it again, but this time I was able to pull off and see it.


The Canyon is located in the Leonard Harrison State Park. We got there about 8:30am and had the place to ourselves. There were maybe 4 other people we saw. So we stopped to take some pictures from the top.



I thought I kept hearing a water fall. So after looking around and seeing some signs down the Turkey Foot Trail I think that is what it was called. It had plenty of warnings of a steep path. They weren't kidding. I can feel it in my knee. But the scenery was great!


This is one of the mini falls that would cross the walking paths.


We only made it half way down and I decided these tired legs need to go back up to the top.

Now that we were done with the Grand Canyon it was time to hit the road again. I had a route all layed out that would take us back up through Elmira and continue east from there. But as we left the park I said the heck with it lets get lost.

We followed 660 to 6 east. My Daughter asked me if I knew where we were and I said nope. That's part of the fun. 6 was a great trip! Lots of small towns and beautiful mountains. I did find one blight on the mountains. A grove of windmills.

We stopped in Towanda for lunch. We really scored here! We stumbled on the Red Rose Diner. Talk about a step back in time. They even had an old phone from the 20 still hanging on the wall! The lunch was good too.



We lunch eaten we explored the town a little more. I must say this is a beautiful old town. A lot of historic buildings. A must stop place if you're in the area.

We continued on 6 east out of Towanda slowly climbing up the mountain. I saw a scenic over look sign so off we pulled. All I can say is WOW. I am glad we pulled off here. The views were breathtaking. Over looking the valley below and even had some French Historic meaning to it.



And I had to get another picture of us together. Notice her hair sticking up? LOL


I thought it may be time to start finding some roads to the north. Since we need to be in Palantine Bridge New York tonight. Not having any idea where we are we found 409 north and turned on it.

It took us through Camptown where its believed the Camptown Races Song had come from. That was a cool find.

409 ended in Camptown so we just kept going on 706. Might as well see where it goes. Seems to be the theme of the day. We followed it until we saw 287 north and got on it.

We stayed on 287 until we reached the New York state boarder. Then it changed to 26 north. We came in to Endicott New York and I found another Veterans Memorial. We stopped to see it and I got the laptop out to see where we were and how to get to Palatine Bridge. Yes I said laptop because I don't have any paper maps. LOL

Found out we were only 115 miles away from my intended target. Not bad for guessing. So I got the address of our next hotel plugged into the GPS and we were off on I88 north. It was in great shape and nice to kinda just set the cruise control and roll on.

60 miles later we get off on 28 north. Time to get gas too. We stopped and filled up and had about an hour of travel time left. We stayed on 28 until we got to 166 and turned on it.

These roads have all been in really good shape and takes you through some great old towns that really make you remember this part of the cf country has a history.

Then we turned on 163 for the final few miles. We came into another cool little town called Canajoharie. Don't ask me how to say it. LOL Saw Tony's Pizzeria as we rolled through. Thought that sounded good. But we kept going on to the motel. What I didn't know is we could almost see our stop from here.

We turned east on 5 and a couple tenths of a mile later we were at the Rodeway Inn. We checked in and dropped off our stuff and headed back for the pizza. It was a small place but the food was good.

Dinner ate we explored the town a little. Down by the river was some nice boats.



We managed just over 300 miles on the day. It was a great day that is for sure. Tomorrow is the Adirondacks!

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