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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 3

To describe the day in a word, burr! It was barely 50 degrees when we pulled out this morning. Today is going to be a short milage day but a beautiful sight seeing day! We are cruising the Adironacks today!

Right before we pulled out.


We started out on on HWY 10. It wasn't in great shape at first but the scenery was great!


The Amish have the right side of the road all screwed up just like around my area in Ohio.


See I told you the roads were rough. LOL

We sayed on 10 for a while then we turned off on Cr 112 and then it turned in to 125 shortly later. These roads were in decent shape.

It seemed like every road was following a river. The rivers and lakes were around every corner all day long.



My Daughter said to me eagle. Sure enough I look up and there is a Bald Eagle soaring above us! How cool! I have never seen one in the wild like that before. I hit the brakes and got off the road to try and get a picture. But then he disappeared. Bummer. But wait... he came back!


Not the best picture in the world but he was way up there and it was the best my 10X zoom could do.

We came to 30 north and got on it. This road was in great shape. We just cruised along all day around 40 miles an hour and just let the people by that were in a hurry. We have all day! 30 eventually ran into 28 north so we turned on that and then it turned back into 30 again.

One of the many sights along the way!


Stopped for gas in Tupper Lake. This was across the street.


We say a sign in town that said tourist train. So we turned to investicage. We just missed the train but we did get a picture of the building.


What a shame. I could use a good train ride. LOL

We turned on 3 and followed it for the next hour or so until we ran into 374. We followed that into Plattburg for our stop for the night. We only did about 200 miles on the day but it took 8 hours to do it. I hit 5th gear once all day and that was right before we got to the hotel just to keep up with traffic. It was a great day!

Tomorrow we get some new states!!

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