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Sunday, October 11, 2015

So much for getting the Blog going again this year!

I do have a good reason for it though. As of today 10-11-15 I barely have 5K miles on the bike this season.

The biggest reasons are 2 fold. One I have been working like a mad man on getting some more remodeling done on my house. The other reason is we are very slow at work and I don't have the opportunity to work any over time and this is the money I use for my trips and rides in general. The bills have to come first ya know. lol

I am not quite done with the kitchen yet but I have went from this: The day I bought it.

 photo P3060001_zpsjzyeypxb.jpg

Now I am here: Well actually I have all the drawers and faucet in so its now usable. This picture was taken as soon as the counter guys left.

 photo P1000667_zpsw09mmr7c.jpg

I have been at a bathroom remodel too. I have been a busy boy... lol Its far from done too, but usable.

I did, however, play hooky from work this week and took a day trip to southern Ohio. I had intended on visiting the Moonville Tunnel. It's supposed to be haunted, but I couldn't find it. The directions I had were wrong. Cool thing though I got to go up and down a dirt road a few times looking. LOL Below are some pictures I took while at Conkle's Hollow. Then on to Obetty's for a couple dogs. Not much to say on the day other than the eye candy at Obetty's was VERY nice!!

I got there just minutes after sunrise. I was hoping to catch some good wildlife and sun rise photos. I don't think I did too bad.

There was a lot larger flock over head just as I was getting there.

 photo P1000669_zpsvi4bzrlt.jpg

I don't know why but something about this tree I really liked.

 photo P1000670_zpscwdmyvij.jpg

Too bad I am still figuring out the new camera. Near that tree was a hawk on some prey. The pictures didn't turn out at all!

But slowly I crept, inch by inch, being very neaky. Hoping to catch someone, or anyone for that matter, unawares.

Funny thing is... They saw me first. lol

 photo P1000676_zpswiezkhyz.jpg

 photo P1000748_zpszvoj5qpr.jpg

Squirrels all over the place this day. This one was pretty mad at me. He kept shaking his tail at me.

 photo P1000760_zps8iq9g6nv.jpg

I spent so long trying to get a couple good shots of the 2 deer that I didn't really get any good sunrise shots, but this one is ok.

 photo P1000756_zpsh4v1envx.jpg

Then here is the valley looking back toward the west.

 photo P1000766_zpsewjuztgv.jpg

Not much to tell after this other than what was already posted up top of this entry. Next weekend, weather permitting, a small group of us are heading to West Virginia for a 3 day ride!! Should be close to 50K on the bike when its done.

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