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Sunday, April 26, 2015

A product called Ride-On

For those of you who know me and ride with me you have heard me talk about Ride-On. Its a peach colored liquid that goes in your tires. It's a balancing agent as well as a puncture sealant.

Well in short this stuff works. I found out Friday, April 24th.

I was leaving the library and coming to a stop at the end of the road. I was looking left for traffic when my handle bars shook. I thought what the heck. Thought maybe hit some oil. Then when I went to go they shook again. I looked behind me and a small piece of wood was on the ground. So instantly I thought no, tell me there wasn't a nail in that.

I shook the bike side to side weaving and all felt ok. I continued on to the kid's softball game. Got to the parking lot and checked the air pressure. It was where it was supposed to be. Looked the tire over and didn't see anything. Rode home ok.

Next morning I get up to put on some Centramatic Wheel Balancers that I had bought. Don't buy them direct! I saved almost a hundred bucks looking around the web. I am wiping the tire down and checking it for a puncture. That is when I see a little glue ball. I scrape it off with my finger nail and sure enough there is a hole there.

I get out the tire gage and the pressure is still spot on!

After much deliberation I decide to go ahead and put the new tire on. I need the rear replaced anyway. This tire only had 9000 miles on it. But to look on the bright side I am testing these balancers and a new tire as a matched set.

I bought the new Metzler ME888 tire. It's supposed to have the best of both worlds, but don't they all. Supposed to have good grip and longevity. At 44320 on the odometer we'll see!

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