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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First real ride of the season. Finally!

Here it is the end of April and Mother Nature hasn't been very kind to us in Ohio for Motorcycling! Sure I have made a couple trips to Obetty's but that isn't a real trip to me, its not out of state.

This morning I get a wild hair and decide to ride to Hero's Corner Café in Mannington West Virginia. I read about it years ago in Road Bike Magazine. I have been wanting to go for a long time I just hadn't made the time yet.

I put my camera batteries on charge and hit the shower and get ready to go. A short time later I am on the road and cruising in the fog, which by the way is never any fun. Having to try and keep a spot clean so I can see through the windshield. Then it hits me. I forgot my camera! Well this won't be so picture heavy like normal. I know that's they only reason anyone comes here. LOL.

I decide to take US 250 the whole way down to Hero's Corner Café since it gets me to Mannington and the Café is just a few feet from 250.

Other than the heavy fog for the first hour or so it was a pleasant ride out of Ohio. Unless you count Bridgeport Ohio and Wheeling West Virginia. I haven't been through here in a few years and lets just say the signs for 250 are very sparse indeed! So needless to say I missed a turn somewhere and had to resort to the GPS to get my way back on track.

Back on track now I would NOT recommend anyone take 250 between Wheeling and Hundred West Virginia! The road is in such terrible shape, sure there are a few nice stretches, you can't even use the right side of your lane. The views however are wonderful in spots. Here's a quick cell phone shot when I stopped for a short break and to delayer.

 photo 0430130954_zpsb0d44eb0.jpg

The gnats attacked me there! That was fun. LOL

The road after the town of Hundred was in good shape, but then every time I would really get into the twisties I would find myself behind someone and not any fun. From my place in Ohio this is only about a 180 miles one way. A very easy day trip.

Once in the town of Mannington, at least on the North end of town its very old and very neat looking! South end is grown and very modern with the usual stores and fast food places.

Here is a picture from across the street from the café looking west.

 photo 0430131145a_zps9c1e467a.jpg

Then a shot of inside the Café.

 photo 0430131123_zpsa3234891.jpg

Lunch was ok, nothing to really brag about. They call themselves a pizzeria, but all they serve is the frozen Hunt Brother's Pizza. They do have a menu with other selections, but a Pizzeria they are not! You would go here for the sites not the food. You could sure tell I was the outsider amongst the locals. I got stared at a lot! Or maybe just because I am so damned pretty. LOL

After lunch I decided to keep going east on US 250 and head North on 218. It was a nice road with a few twists to it, but nothing demanding. Again I got stuck behind people going way under the speed limit. This road takes you into Pennsylvania. Then in a looooooong stretch of 45mph zone I had a nice Pennsylvania cop follow me for a long time, but at a good half mile back or so. No before you ask he didn't get me speeding.

Then I turned back west to head home on 21. This basically runs back into Wheeling. Once in Wheeling I got on I 70 West to 800 North. Again luck was with me. Every time I hit the twisties I was behind someone that was going very slow!

All and all it was a good day and my body let me know I am not in good riding shape for such long days in the saddle, but I am getting there. The trip was just over 400 miles and I have only 1500 on for the season. Far cry from last year! That's ok I have a couple big trips planned this year. Looks like I am going to need to put my new front tire on soon too. Don't think its going to make it past 20K.

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