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Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally the weather breaks!

Well if you live anywhere near Ohio you know we have had a VERY wet spring. This time last year we had made a few group rides, and I had made several rides on my own. But May is more than a week old and I haven't broken 200 miles in one day yet this year. That changes today!

I decided that my bike and me needed a date! We hadn't enjoyed time together in almost a month now. So I got my self ready around 8am and we headed down the road.

The destination is a very well know area that I have been to numerous times. Especially with the group. Gotta admit it is more fun when all of us are together than just when I go it alone.

I headed into Ashland to get some cash because I have a special spot in mind for lunch. But more on that later. I get to the ATM just to find it closed. Great! So I head for I71 and on to Lexington to pay the bike insurance that is due tomorrow.

Bill payed and back on the road I hit a couple buttons on the Zumo and look for Chase bank to find an ATM. When I am getting hear Polaris Parkway I see there is one only a mile away. So off the interstate I go in search of cash.

While looking for this "ATM" the Zumo says is here. This is what I find.


But I do look more and there is an actual bank just down the road. Cash problems fixed and back on the road.

Coming into Columbus I see 3 yes I said 3 Ohio State Patrol on bikes! One with a customer. Speaking of the Patrol. They were thick all day. But since I am not much of a speed demon I didn't have much to worry about.

I take 270 east to 33 east looking for State Route 374. This will take me back through the Old Man's Cave area. A great set of roads that never get old. Here I am just getting on to 374.


I stopped at Cantwell Cliffs to take a short break and take a Cell Phone pick and send it to some friends to poke fun that I am out enjoying this beautiful day! Kept cruising down 374. Passed by Old Man's Cave and kept going. I saw the sign, as always, for Cedar Falls. I have never stopped here. Well that is going to change today! And am I glad I stopped. The path was easy to walk. Since I was there on a Monday there were few people around.

After a short hike to the bottom I was greeted by these great sites. The rock cliffs looked great with the touch of water still on them!


Then the falls itself was awesome! Here is a still and video for you to enjoy!


On my way back out I stopped on a bridge and saw this little guy just enjoying the day too.


Upon closer investigation he had several friends with him.

Back on the road its time to head for lunch. But first I find a couple deer in my path. I did manage to get a pic of them once they let me pass.


I turned left on 56 on my way to Athens. You guessed it. Obetty's Redhots for lunch! This is the first time I think I have been here while school was in session. The amount of college kids walking around was incredible. It was like a roach infested kitchen when you turn the light on. They're everywhere. LOL

While here I had to send another pic. One of my dear friends called me a dirt bag. LOL I guess I deserve that. LOL

After my nice lunch I decide its time to head home. The kid will be out of school in a few hours.

I take the fast route home. 33 to 270 to 71. All in all I did just over 350 miles. My longest ride of the year. I am sure not in shape for this yet this year. I am worn out and a little on the sore side. LOL But it was great!!!

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