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Monday, March 1, 2010

Its finally here. The 2010 Riding Season!

Well here it is, March! Finally! The 2010 riding season is now here. After a long winter full of upgrades, maintenance, and snow. I am as ready as ever to get out there and take some more trips and make more memories! Now that my Daugther is getting older those memories will be more special. She'll be coming with me on some of my longer out of state rides. She did a couple 400 mile days with me last year and she liked it.

As for the winter upgrades and maintenance. Lets see, well there is the new rear tire. New steering stem bearings. New Battery. New battery tender. New electronic cruise control. Heated grips. New, to me, trunk off an 85 Kawasaki Voyager. Flushed all the brake lines. Replace the clutch and throttle cables. Rewired the spot lights. Had an intermittent wire somewhere in it. Relocated the handle bars back just a little bit. Of course new plugs and oil. Replaced the chrome trim that was coming off. Lots of cleaning. And some new decals.

We, the motorcycle and I, are starting the year out with 34611 miles on the odometer. I predict I will end with about 45000 when winter rolls around again. Some other goals this year are to add some new states that I have never ridden in. I am hoping to do a New England ride. If I can do it this year that alone will add 8 new states for me.

Another thing I am thinking of doing is the 1500 miles in 24hrs or less Iron Butt ride. I know crazy right? When I did the 1000 mile Saddle Sore back in 08 it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. But the 1500 mile ride will be a chore. You have to pretty much ride without breaks other than fuel to make it. Hey you only live once so why let things go that are attainable right?

I'll add some pics of the bike once my trunk comes back from the painter. Shoulda had it a week ago...

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